January 11, 2015

New Album “Stay Bright” Coming in January

Hello All,

We are happy to say that we finished tracking our album at Woody's House. Fred Gillen did a great job recording it and if you ever want to record at an awesome place you should go there. It was sent out last monday to be mixed by Adam Rourke at Redroom studios in Waltham, MA. Adam produced and mixed our first two albums so we are psyched to hear how it comes out. The album will be called "Stay Bright" and it will be our first album available on Vinyl, of course it will also be on CD and on the internet everywhere. The album sounds alot different then the first two albums, it was probably influenced by playing in bars week after week during the recording. The album seems to have more of a live feel, we hope you like it. Stay tuned for preorder info and all that ruckus.

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